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Thank You For Taking The Time To Fill This Out!

This quick survey shouldn't take long to fill out at all.  We are basically looking for what you want out of a sports card breaking service.  There are thousands of breakers out there, all doing the same thing.  We want to know what YOU, the end user is looking for.  Pokemon breaks, Football breaks, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, now is your chance to let us know so we can better cater to those who come and see our website, and join our breaks.   Filling out this form will let us better set up future breaks, Hopefully fill breaks faster, and give you a better experience and want to come back to join another break!

Sports Card Breaking.
Have you ever been in a Sports card break before?
In your ideal break, how many boxes are there?
What is most important when joining a break?
What Are you looking for in a break?
When you came to the site, what were you looking for?
How may breaks do you typically enter a month
How much are you willing to spend on a single seat in a break? (Factors like Set, amount of boxes play into this)
Do you prefer same set breaks or a mixer break? (mixer: different sets, same sport)
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