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Vintage Baseball Ball


Hobby Hot Box was created because of the demand for an affordable, honest mystery / random box service.  The market has hundreds of "Mystery Packs" "Subscription services" and other "Surprise options" but nobody has been able to offer what everyone is really looking for.   Value, Honesty, and of course HITS!

We use EVERY single pack from every hobby box we open!  No searched packs, no felt up packs, no scales!  This means if a hobby box says 2 autographs per box, someone is getting those Autographs.

In Fact we know there's going to be a whole lot of you hitting Autos, Relics and Numbered cards that we want us using the tag #hobbyhotbox  Use it to brag about what you got, show off a picture, let everyone know this is legit, people can and will hit some big cards.  How knows, using the tag might even land you a free Hobby Hotbox of your own!

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