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2023 Home Run Derby Predictions!

FREE To join!  As simple as picking players and entering your email address!  1 entry per email address.  Winner will be the person who collects the most points over the entire derby.  TieBreaker will be decided by person who chooses proper derby winner.  If still tied closest to total home runs (entire derby) by selected derby Finalist. 

A Score of 28 points is a perfect bracket! (20pts/6pts/3pts)      

Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 players in the following order and must be accepted as awarded. If a break is sold out the equivalent amount of breaker points will be substituted in its place.

1st Place: 750 Breaker Points ( $50 value)

2nd Place: Hobby Hotbox | On Deck! ($50 value)

3rd Place: 450 Breaker Points ($20 value)

4th Place: 1 Seat in 2022 Gold Label ($17 value)

5th Place: 1 Seat in 5 Box Blaster($10 value)

Pick who you think will win each round

Round 1 matchups are set.  Pick a player from each bracket, who you think will advance to round 2.  Each correct pick will receive 5 points.


From your selected players of round 1, pick who you think will win in round 2, and the Final!

Based on who you picked in round 1, select who you think will advance to round 2.  Each right pick will receive 3 points.  Pick who you think will be the overall winner, and how many home runs they will hit for the entire derby (not just the final round)







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