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We All have Questions, Hope this answers a few!

(If we missed any feel free to reach out!)


Great Question!  Nobody wants to feel like they are getting ripped off!  We have spent Months pricing our boxes competitively and affordably.  If you look at the major "mystery subscription box" services out there 99% are from the USA, with American pricing!  

The BIGGEST difference, other than being a Canadian service, is that our packs are from Hobby boxes, meaning HITS.  We also dont add "filler" (like those 1990's packs everyones so happy to see)


Each Hobby Hot Box ships in a cardboard box, much like a card storage box, placed inside a mailing envelope, Just so it doesn't go accidentally missing.  We don't want people knowing what's in the box.  All shipments are Insured incase one goes missing!

Other Sports?

Baseball is our first love!  Being Canadian, who doesnt love the NHL. We will roll out Football and Basketball in the near future when we feel like we can create a quality box at an affordable price.

Depending on demand, we have talked about other sets as well including things like UFC, WWF, Golf, Pokemon (yes even Pokemon lol), Star Wars, Garbage pail Kids, etc...

Searched Packs?

NEVER!  ABSOLUTLEY NOT!  We would rather cancel our service.

Lets be honest with each other.  Some card companies don't do a good job hiding the fact there's a hit in a pack.  Some boxes its always the first pack, or the last pack, some packs are so thick you know there's something good inside!

EVERY SINGLE BOX we build is put together weeks in advance of shipping.  They are labelled with the tier of subscription (On Deck, End of the second, etc..) and stacked together.  When it comes time to ship, the top box is picked, address label goes on and its out the door.  We don't remember what box has what inside, nor do we have time, or want to play those games!

We are only successful if YOU, the end buyer, gets hits, brag to your friends and share on all your social media #hobbyhotbox 

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