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Razz and Lined Items!

RAZZ!?!?  LINED?!?

What is a RAZZ?

A 'Razz' or "Lined/Line"  is effectively a raffle.  A RAZZ break is a way for people to participate in a sale of a card or product for a much lower price. A predetermined number of razz or lined spots are sold, and participants are entered into a list. You may buy as many razz spots as you like. This list is then placed into Random.Org and randomized.

For Example, If I'm looking to RAZZ a Bo Bichette autographed card, and I want to receive $100 for it, I could set up a RAZZ with 20 spots, and each spot would cost $5.  People who want the card would buy a spot, once all 20 spots are sold, everyones name goes into and are then  randomized.  The person in the first spot after the randomization "wins" or receives the card.

RAZZES will be Hosted and run live on our Youtube channel just like any other break. 

Interested in Razzing or Lining a card with me?  Send me an email at 

Please note that Razz or Lined pricing should be based on comparables found on sites like eBay, 130point, beckett, ect. and shipping should be based on fair pricing standard shipping, not marked up.  Winners will always have the option to add tracking, and or insurance if requested. 

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