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  • What is the +SecondChance Feature?
    The +SecondChance feature is activated when there are less cards than there are seats for a break, or if theres a chance that a seat wont receive a card. With the +SecondChance feature activated, at the end of the break, any seats that did not receive a card will be placed into and randomized 3 times. The seat in the first spot after 3 randomizations will receive their buy-in amount back in future break credit.
  • What is a "Break"?"
    What is a "Break", "Group Break" or "Box break"? A box break (group break) is an event where collectors buy a spot in the break in exchange for receiving some of the cards in the case/box/pack. These are typically live streamed so that all participants in the box break can share in the excitement of seeing the pulls and hits as they happen. Box breaks have become a popular and economic way for collectors to get potentially higher-value or rarer cards without having to buy a whole box or case themselves.
  • How Can I buy into a Break?
    Once you have decided what Break you want to be a part of, select it, and add to your cart, complete the checkout process, and we will email you once the break is full and a Date and Time has been confirmed for the break to happen. All breaks are done LIVE on Youtube at RyanGambles! Most collectors buy into breaks that they are collecting, Topps Series 1, Gypsy Queen, Chrome, etc.. Some buyin for the "Hits" in the Box, Like Autographs or Relics. Other buyin because they like the excitement and the chance at getting a great card for a fraction of the price of the box. We have given away a Bo Bichette autograph, Topps 2020, 1985 Rookie Card numbered to /195 to a Breaker who purchased the spot for $15. The Card on Ebay is selling for over $200 (at time of writing)
  • How will you ship my cards?
    Shipping within Canada is included with your entry into the Break. Shipping to the USA is $9.99 (in a Canada Post box) We ship ALL CARDS, not just the "hits" Every card is PennySleeved, Most non-base cards are Toploaded. All cards are placed into Team bags and sealed. The sealed bags are attached to a cardboard insert, and put into a bubble mailer and sent via Canada Post. in order to keep shipping free, we have to make sure the envelope is no more than 2cm in height! If you happen to hit a "monster" card we do offer Canada Post flat rate shipping (small box) for an additional $18 (Canada Post Pricing). We do not mark up Shipping charges.
  • When will my break happen?
    Your Break will happen once all seats are sold for that Break. When its sold out you will receive an email letting you know the date and time of the break. MOST breaks happen Thursday or Saturday at 9pm ET. The email will verify when your break is scheduled. If you cant watch it live on Youtube: RyanGambles, the break will be recorded and saved on the Youtube channel
  • When do you send me my cards?
    We do our best to ship everything on Sundays. We try to schedule breaks on Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • SP, SSP, Hits, Base, Insert? What is all this?"
    Hits - These are cards that are more valualbe than a Base card, Like an SP, SSP, insert, Autograph, Relic Etc... Base cards are what make up the Set.. they are considered common cards SP - Stands for Short Print, these cards are more rare SSP - Stands for Super Short Print - These are rare Inserts - These are cards that are randomly inserted into packs, and are not part of the base set, like a subset of cards you can collect. Generally anything not considered "Base" would be an insert
  • Im new/returning to the hobby
    Congrats! Collecting is a fun hobby, and investment to be in! A lot has changed over the years, and Card/box Breaking is one way that the hobby has evolved. RyanGambles takes it slow, most of our Breakers are either returning to the hobby they loved as a kid, with kids of their own, or are new to Group Breaks completly. Everyone is welcome, and we encourage discussion during our live stream breaks, and comments on our videos! we are here to help, just send us an email! Most of the more valuable cards are set inside boxes labelled Hobby box, or Jumbo Hobby, or higher tier boxes that cost a lot more to purchase. Group Breaks takes that cost and devides it up amongst a group of people. This way you still have a chance and getting "or ""hitting" that rare card, Autograph, or Relic without having to pay for the intire box. The good thing babout RyanGAmbles is that we send EVERY Card, so even if you dont hit a special card, youre at least getting something for your investment. Look around, not all breaks are for everyone, and Breaking in general isnt for everyone. Its a way to get entry into an expensive product for a fraction of the price, its entertaining, and exciting watching the packs open, hoping that you have a card in there!
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